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We use direct actions to interrupt the status quo and bring awareness to key issues and different forms of state violence affecting the root causes of the plight of black and brown people around the world.,


We stand against the many forms of state violence: police killings, mass incarceration, poverty and others.  We stand for justice for Tony Robinson and ALL Black lives lost at the hands of the state. We stand for community and self determination. We will not stop until we are free.

Lew Blank

YGB raising awareness and building community

Lew Blank

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear YGB Community,

We need to stay engaged every month in order to build people power. Please attend/share the following events to stay active in the community and the movement for racial justice!

Juneteenth Community Service Project
Friday, June 15 at 5:30pm - UW South Madison Partnership (2312 S Park St)

Join the Madison Alumnae chapter to collect items for children care kits for the Beacon Homelessness Resource Center. For more info, click here.

Juneteenth Poetry Slam at South Camps
Friday, June 15 at 6pm - Madison College South (2238 S Park St)

This Juneteenth poetry slam will have the theme of "the resilience of a people." For more info, click here.

Juneteenth Day Celebration brought to you by Kujichagulia-MCSD
Saturday, June 16 at 11am - Penn Park (2101 Fisher St)

This celebration of African American freedom, heritage, and accomplishments will also advocate for a petition to make Juneteenth a national holiday. For more info, click here.

Facing Unconscious Bias
Saturday, June 20 at 8am - State Bar of Wisconsin (5302 Eastpark Blvd)

This morning training will help us examine our own unconscious biases and perceptions. For more info, click here.

Engaging Men in the #MeToo Era
Wednesday, June 20 at 9:30am - Wisconsin African American Women’s Center (3020 W Vilet St in Milwaukee)

This event, led by A Call To Men CEO Tony Porter, will demonstrate how men can participate in the #MeToo movement and express healthy - not toxic - behaviors. For more info, click here.

Jail, Justice and Community
Thursday, June 21 at 6pm - Linneman's Riverwest Inn (1001 E Locust St in Milwaukee)

This event, presented by the ACLU, will give important updates on campaigns like #CloseMSDF (the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility), The Milwaukee Police: Community Accountability Initiatives, and Lincoln Hills — Bring ‘em Home. For more info, click here.

EEWI Webinar
Friday, June 22 at 11:30am - Online

This online meeting will allow you to help build the strategic vision and outline paid leadership roles for Economic Empowerment Wisconsin (EEWI), a collaborative initiative supporting entrepreneurs of color. For more info, click here.

3rd Annual Evening of Dreaming
Friday, June 22 at 6pm - Centro Hispano (810 W Badger Rd)

This evening, Centro Hispano will feature documentary filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez and his film, The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo. For more info and registration, click here.

Building the HIVE
Saturday, June 23 at 11:30am - Online

This online webinar will attempt to develop the strategic direction of the Madison Alliance for Black Economic Empowerment (MABEE), an organization providing needs-based resource development for Black Entrepreneurs. For more info, click here.

Blues for Mister Charlie
Saturday, June 23 at 7pm - Badger Rock Neighborhood Center (501 E Badger Rd)

This play by Black Olive Community Theatre will put James Baldwin’s “Blues For Mister Charlie,” which discusses Medgar Evers, the murder of Emmett Till, and the Civil Rights Movement, on stage. For more info, click here.

Stories within the Letters: An Evening of Celebrating Our Lives
Friday, June 29 at 6pm - Madison College (1701 Wright St)

This event will commemorate LGBT Pride Month through the lens of storytelling. For more info, click here.

Bail/Eviction Prevention Fund Hip Hop Fundraiser
Saturday, June 30 at 6pm - Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center (953 Jenifer St)

The Free the 350 Bail Fund is doing incredible work to bail out people of color from the Dane County Jail. At this fun hip hop fundraiser, half of the proceeds will go to the fund, and the other half will go to the Eviction Prevention for Black Moms fund. For more info and ways to donate, click here.

PrideFest Milwaukee 2018
Multiple dates - Milwaukee Pride (200 N Harbor Dr in Milwaukee)

Wisconsin's largest and longest-running LGBTQ pride celebration will take place in Milwaukee from June 7 to 10. For more info and tickets, click here.

Queer Shorts: Unity
Multiple dates - Bartell Community Theatre (113 E Mifflin St)

These short plays from StageQ will discuss unity and the LGBTQ+ community. For more info, specific dates, and tickets, click here.

Dear YGB Community,


As we continue to develop our three core areas - Black Needs, Building Analysis, and Advocacy - there is a lot of work we must do on the ground to combat racism and state violence. You can do your part when you show up and show out to the following May events!



2018 Madison College Pow Wow

Saturday, May 5 from 11am-5pm - 1701 Wright St


This Saturday, Madison College will hold a full day Pow Wow event. For more info, click here.



March for Cannabis

Saturday, May 5 from 1-4pm - MacArthur Square Parking Structure (841 N James Lovell St in Milwaukee)


The criminalization of marijuana is one of the leading causes of mass incarceration for people of color in Wisconsin. This Saturday in Milwaukee, join hundreds of people to march for the legalization of cannabis. For more info, click here.



PDA: Public Display of Asianess

Sunday, May 6 from 11am-3pm - Saints Madison Juice Co. (821 Williamson St.)


This event will celebrate Madison’s Asian community, complete with food and refreshments. For more info, click here.



Madison, WI - MILWAUKEE 53206 Screens w/ La Follette School

Monday, May 7 from 6-8pm - Marquee Cinema (1308 Dayton St, Union South)


On Monday, this screening will showcase “MILWAUKEE 53206,” a film about the lives of people of color in the nation’s most incarcerated zip code. For more info, click here.



The Pathway to Allyship

Monday, May 7 from 7-9pm - Fountain of Life Covenant Church (633 W Badger Rd)


Led by Justified Anger, this event will delve into the experiences of four white Madisonians on the pathway to understanding allyship. For more info and tickets, click here.



MeToo: Taking a Stand Against Women’s Oppression

Tuesday, May 8 from 6-7:30pm - 906 Historic W Mitchell St in Milwaukee


In response to the misogynist presidency of Donald Trump, speaker Nicole Colson will discuss the MeToo movement through the lens of women’s rights and socialism. For more info, click here.



MKE Reads "Color of Law" Launch Party

Wednesday, May 9 from 5-7pm - 3334 N Holton Street in Milwaukee


This book reading will discuss “Color of Law,” a book about redlining and America’s history of racist housing policy. For more info, click here.



Ambition | Black Women's Leadership Accelerator

Friday, May 11 from 7-11am - 1701 Wright St


This experience will help Black women grow and accelerate in their careers. For more info, click here.



Home Is Where The Racism Is

May 16 to 18 - Yatra Studio (646 W Washington Ave)


This gallery show will discuss oppression, racism, and equity through portraits, interviews, and historical material. For more info and tickets, click here.



Madison Region Economic Development & Diversity Summit

Wednesday, May 16 from 8am-4pm - Monona Terrace (1 John Nolen Dr)


This one day summit, hosted by the Urban League of Greater Madison and Madison Region Economic Partnership, will discuss economic development and diversity. For more info, click here.



Promoting Dignity and Equity in the Workplace: A Stop Hate Project Workshop

Wednesday, May 16 and Thursday, May 17 from 9am-3pm - Wisconsin State Capitol (2 E Main St) Room 411


This two day interactive workshop led by Ubuntu will work to apply dignity to professional settings as a way to increase equity and address hate speech. For more info, click here.



From A Different Perspective

Wednesday, May 16 from 6-7:30pm - Threshold (2717 Atwood Ave)


On May 16, Ad 2 Madison will be bringing together a diverse team of Madison community leaders to discuss the pathway to professional success for people from marginalized communities. For more info and tickets, click here.



2018 LGBT Business Equality Summit

Thursday, May 17 from 8-11:45am - ManpowerGroup (100 Manpower Place in Milwaukee)


This event, led by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, will be a great networking opportunity with remarks from state and national leaders on the LGBT business community. For more info and tickets, click here.



2018 Walk for Children

Saturday, May 19 from 9am-12pm - Next Door Milwaukee (2545 N 29th St in Milwaukee)


The 2018 Walk for Children will address the importance of funding critical early childhood education programs through a one-mile walk and various festivities. For more info and tickets, click here.



Somos Latinas Book Launch

Saturday, May 19 from 1-3pm - Wisconsin Historical Society Press (816 State St)


The book “Somos Latinas: Voices of Wisconsin Latina Activists” by Andrea-Teresa Arenas and Eloisa Gómez will be launched at the Wisconsin Historical Society, complete with a book signing. For more info and tickets, click here.



Restoring Justice for our Youth

Tuesday, May 22 from 5:30-7pm - Urban League of Greater Professionals (2222 S Park St) Suite 200


This event, led by Freedom Inc.’s Jessica Williams, will discuss how to bring justice to youth in our communities. For more info, click here.



Welcoming the Stranger: Immigrant Justice & The Faith Community

Wednesday, May 23 from 6:30-8pm - Lussier Community Education Center (55 S Gammon Rd)


On May 23, Sergio M. González, who researches how Latino immigrants have developed in Wisconsin throughout the 1900s, will give a talk on immigration. For more info, click here.

Support YGB when you purchase The Black Panthers Speak.


The book, “The Black Panthers Speak,” edited by Philip S. Foner, provides readers with a “sweeping collection of the most vital and representative writings of the Black Panther party.” The book includes excerpts from Huey P. Newton, Fred Hampton, and Panther women like Kathleen Cleaver, as well as perspectives on the party’s court battles and our country’s power structures.


Support YGB when you purchase The Black Panthers Speak by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.


Support YGB when you purchase From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation.


The book, “From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation” by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, recounts the shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City and the protests against police impunity that followed. In response to the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor argues that, given the long history of structural racism in the United States, we should initiate a broaden push for Black liberation movement as a whole.


Support YGB when you purchase From #BlackLivesMatter to Black LIberation by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.


Support YGB when you purchase Detroit: I Do Mind Dying.


The book, “Detroit: I Do Mind Dying” by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin, documents the history of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement, an organization of Black workers at a Chrysler plant in Detroit, and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a group of Black Marxists that was also based in Detroit. The book chronicles the movement for Black liberation led by these groups and its importance in the fight for workers rights for people of color.


Support YGB when you purchase Detroit: I Do Mind Dying by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.


Support YGB when you purchase Organized Labor and the Black Worker, 1619-1981.


This book by Philip Foner recounts the radical history of Black workers in the American labor movement between 1619 and 1981. While these movements may be traditionally framed as white-dominated, they were actually led largely by workers of color. This serves as an important reminder that the "working class" is not just white, but it is strongly led by Black workers and union members.


Support YGB when you purchase Undivided Rights by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.


Support YGB when you purchase Undivided Rights.


Undivided Rights describes the largely unknown history of women of color organizing for their reproductive rights. The book outlines the personal stories and experiences of women of color and how women of color have used activism to resist reproductive coercion in their communities. This message conveyed in this book is especially important as it demonstrates the integral leadership of women of color in defending their reproductive rights, something that pushes beyond the mainstream pro-choice narrative.


Support YGB when you purchase Undivided Rights by clicking on the image below.

If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.



Dear YGB Community,

Many find the xenophobic, bigoted actions of the Trump Administration to be discouraging, reasons to give up the fight. But in reality, they should serve the exact opposite purpose - the Administration’s regressive actions should serve as motivation for us to fight oppression!

This month in the Madison area, there are a variety of events related to social justice. Please show up and show out to these events to fight for grassroots change!

Women of Color in the Workplace
Monday, March 5 at 6 p.m. - UW Madison Memorial Union (800 Langdon St.)

This panel discussion will extend the #MeToo movement to integrating women of color into the workplace. This is especially important since, according to a survey, just 3% of C-suite roles are occupied by women of color. For more info, click here.

Isabelle Ferreras: The Urgency of Making Workers Citizens
March 6 and 7 at 4pm (Room 6191, Helen C. White Building), March 8 at 12:20pm(Room 8108, Social Sciences Building)

For the first week of March, Isabelle Ferreras, a professor of sociology from Belgium, will present three lectures on the UW Madison campus on the topics of making workers citizens, corporate despotism, and firms being political entities. For more info, click here.

#TonyRobinson #BlackLivesMatter
Tuesday, March 6 at 6 p.m. - Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.)

On March 6, for the three year anniversary of the murder of Tony Robinson, Police the Police Wisconsin will have an event at the Social Justice Center. For more info, click here.

Social Justice 101: Writing as Social Justice
Tuesday, March 6 at 6 p.m. - UW Madison Multicultural Student Center (716 Langdon St.)

This workshop will discuss how to write effectively on social justice issues to resist, heal, and share. For more info, click here.

Empowerment Challenge 2018
ThursdayMarch 8

This online campaign will discuss homelessness in Milwaukee and attempt to raise $40,000 for shelter services. You can access the website here and the Facebook page here.

Cultivating Inclusive Spaces for Students with Disabilities
Thursday, March 8 at 12pm - UW Madison School of Education (1000 Bascom Mall)

This Thursday, WISCAPE will host a panel discussion and Q&A on how colleges can be inclusive for students with disabilities. For more info, click here.

Social Justice Speaker: Kimberly Foster
Thursday, March 8 at 12pm - UW Madison Multicultural Student Center (716 Langdon St.)

On March 8, Kimberly Foster, the Editor-In-Chief of For Harriet, will give a speech about social justice at UW Madison. For more info, click here.

Women Against Hate
Thursday, March 8 at 5:30 p.m. - Milwaukee City Hall (200 E Wells St. in Milwaukee)

Women Against Hate is a new art exhibition using illustrations to elevate marginalized groups in America. It will be showing in Milwaukee on March 8. For more info, click here.

Circle Up Documentary Screening and Local Panel Discussion
Saturday, March 10 at 2 p.m. - Wisconsin Institute of Discovery (330 N Orchard St.)

Circle Up is a new documentary that tackles crime and punishment through a restorative justice lens. On March 10, the movie will be screened and a panel discussion will follow. For more info, click here.

Immigration Works: Series of Information Workshops
Wednesday, March 14 at 5:30pm - South Central Federation of Labor (1602 S Park St.)

This information workshop will discuss the importance of immigration. For more info, click here.

Social Justice Speaker: Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir
Thursday, March 15 at 12pm - UW Madison Multicultural Student Center (716 Langdon St.)

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir is a Muslim college basketball player known for wearing a hijab while playing on the court, and she will speak at UW Madison this March. For more info, click here.

Mental Health Response Training
Thursday, March 15 at 6pm - OutReach LGBT Community Center (2701 International Ln. Suite 101)

This training, hosted by Madison Degenderettes, will train community members on how to respond to mental health crises and suicidal thoughts. For more info, click here.

Ubuntu: Black Student Discussion Group
Thursday, March 15 at 6 p.m. - UW Madison Black Cultural Center (716 Langdon St. Room 106)

Ubuntu is a support group and safe community space for Black students at UW Madison. For more info, click here.

Nonviolence Training Workshops
Friday, March 16 at 5pm and Saturday, March 17 at 9am - Pres House (731 State St.)

This two-day event will discuss the Kingian Nonviolence Theory. For more info, click here.

Stand Up for Environmental Justice
Friday, March 16 at 8pm - Riverwest Public House Cooperative (815 E Locust St. in Milwaukee)

This evening event hosted by Groundwork Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Transit Riders Union will feature Jamaican tunes for environmental justice. For more info, click here.

Flawless Drag Show
Friday, March 16 at 9 p.m. - FIVE Nightclub (5 Applegate Ct.)

This benefit drag show will help Disability Pride Madison raise money for their annual Disability Pride Festival. For more info, click here.

A Call to Action: Reflections on Our History and Our Future
Sunday, March 18 at 3pm - Centro Hispano (810 Badger Rd.)

This event will offer a reflection on Latino immigration from the past to the present, as well as ways to act to help immigrants in the United States. For more info, click here.

Voices from Solitary Confinement
Tuesday, March 20 at 6 p.m. - Plymouth Church (2717 E Hampshire St. in Milwaukee)

Although the U.N. has labeled solitary confinement as torture, Wisconsin still puts hundreds of people through solitary confinement, particularly people of color. This event in Milwaukee will allow you to hear stories from people who have dealt with such cruel practices. For more info, click here.

Madison Moms Demand March Meeting
Tuesday, March 20 at 6:30pm - Meadowridge Branch Library (5740 Raymond Rd.)

This March member meeting will feature a training for how to talk to legislators about gun sense policies. For more info and to RSVP, click here.

Resisting Injustice - MMG Law Annual Conference
Friday, March 23 at 8:30am - Christ Presbyterian Church (944 E Gorham St.)

This MMG Law Annual Conference will discuss ways for community service providers and legal professionals to resist injustice, especially against immigrants, in the legal system. For more info and tickets, click here.

Madison March For Our Lives
Saturday, March 24 at 10 a.m. - Library Mall (728 State St.)

In solidarity with the national “March For Our Lives” rally, Madison will host a sister rally on March 24 to demand sufficient gun control to reduce the likelihood of shootings like the devastating one in Florida. The march will advocate for stricter gun regulation like a ban of assault weapons and comprehensive universal background checks, which would significantly reduce the likelihood of someone like Nikolas Cruz from getting his hands on an AR-15. For more info and registration, click here.

At the same time in Milwaukee, at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, another sister march will be held. For more info on that event, click here.

To donate to the March For Our Lives Wisconsin GoFundMe, click here.

Sonya Renee Taylor Reading and Book Signing
Monday, March 26 at 6 p.m. - A Room of One’s Own Bookstore (315 W Gorham St.)

Sonya Renee Taylor is an author who writes about systems of oppression, radical self-love, and body empowerment. On March 26, she will do a book reading and signing. For more info, click here.

Support YGB when you purchase How We Get Free.


How We Get Free by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is a collection of interviews and essays written by modern activists and members of the Combahee River Collective, a group of radical black feminists who fought for the liberation of women and people of color in the 1960s and 1970s. The texts reflect on the importance of the group to the struggle for Black feminism.


Support YGB when you purchase How We Get Free by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to see our entire list of book recommendations, please click here.


Dear YGB Community,


According to YGB co-founder Brandi Grayson, there is currently a Black woman with three children who had undergone physical, mental, and emotional abuse, which forced her to go into hiding. We’re keeping her anonymous for her protection.


Although she has been able to temporarily find safe housing and employment, without your help, she could be unable to pay her rent in the coming weeks while she awaits her first paycheck.


This Black mother’s rent is $945 a month, and she also has to pay $100 a week for daycare for her children, plus a $125 enrollment fee. These are expenses that she cannot currently meet, and due to no fault of her own, she may be faced with eviction in the coming weeks.


We cannot allow this Black mother to be evicted. Please click here to donate to a GoFundMe to help her with her rent.


In addition to this woman, Brandi Grayson is also in contact with two other families in desperate need of funds, both of which have received eviction notices from their landlords.


If the GoFundMe does not reach a total of $2,600, it could result in the eviction of these women and families of color.


These families are in urgent need of relief. Please click here to donate to a GoFundMe to make sure these people don’t get evicted.


Everyone in this country deserves the right to a decent, stable home. Unfortunately, many impoverished people - specifically women of color - face eviction at absurdly high rates, depriving them of the opportunity to attain a stable financial situation and live a decent life.


Everyone in Madison should be able to live without fear of eviction, and no one should be forced to live on the streets.


It is absolutely integral that we raise as many funds as possible for these women and families of color. Please click here to give them this vital support.




In order to make any progress, we have to Build our collective understanding and Build collective analysis to advocate for better collaborative solutions.


You can help by Joining our Coalition of Supporters, or by donating here.


If you have any personal stories of racial violence to share, please reach out to us at YGB by sending us a Facebook message or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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YGB needs your voice in order to get an investigation by the United Nations as we elevate the conversation of of racial disparities in Madison and fight for justice for Tony Robinson, the unarmed black teen murdered at the hands of officer Matt Kenny of the Madison Police Department  



YGB demands that Matt Kenny, the murderer of Tony Robinson, be fired. Far to often are killer cops left unpunished, and we want Kenny off the streets.



The Young Gifted and Black Coalition is a circle of young leaders determined to end state violence and raise the voice of communities of color. We are young Black Women, Queer Folks, Straight Folks and Feminist Men who are fighting for Black Liberation. Our focus is on the low income black communities that our core members call home. 




During high activity times, we send about two emails per week to keep you informed.
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