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Waukesha Police Attempt to Charge Black Teen With Two Felonies [Report]
18 Jan 2018

Waukesha Police Attempt to Charge Black Teen With Two Felonies [Report]

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An anonymous source has informed YGB that a Black teenager is being charged with two Class C felonies for engaging in consensual sex last October.


On October 17, the source’s cousin, an 18 year old Black teenage male, was engaging in consensual sex with a mixed race young lady under the impression that she was a legal adult as well. While the two were together in the car, the police pulled up and asked them for their ages. Both said “18” and respectfully complied with the officer’s orders.


According to our source, the officer proceeded to interrogate the young lady’s mother, who lived on that block. She informed the police officer that her daughter was below the age of 18, meaning that the two teenagers had technically committed “statutory rape” despite the exchange being consensual.


Although the teenager didn’t know the young lady was under 18 and the act was entirely consensual, the Waukesha Police Department proceeded to charge him with a Class C felony for “Second Degree Sexual Assault of Child.”


The teenager is currently out on bail but is at risk of being ruled a felon in the coming months, which could severely damage his future.  This is in spite of the fact that the young lady’s mother, recognizing the teenager did nothing harmful, has called for the police department to drop the case.


Now, why is this an issue? The law is the law, right? Well, the enforcement of statutory rape laws in Wisconsin is heavily racist. According to a 2014 study, Black offenders made up 25% of those charged with statutory rape in Wisconsin, despite Black people making up only 6% of our state’s population. It’s well known that crimes are committed proportionally across races - which means that the percentage of offenders who are Black should be closer to 6%. However, Black people in Wisconsin are about five times more likely to be incarcerated for statutory rape than their white counterparts. Something's not right here.


To no surprise, when asked if she thought racism was involved, our source responded “completely.”


Wisconsin’s statutory rape laws, which are some of the strictest in the nation, appear to be yet another way for our state to lock more people of color behind bars for doing nothing wrong. This sheds a painful light on the need to reassess our approach to underaged sex in a way that doesn’t jeopardize the futures of our children.


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